The Memphis Sound Is Back

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Larry Collins – Operations Manager
Palm Springs, CA • USA

Thanks So Much for the copies of “THE END”.  It’s a great song, beautifully done.  It’s so good to hear the Jordanaires once again.  I remember them so well from their recordings with Elvis.  John Krondes is a fine addition.  I’m looking forward to the release of the complete album.  You can be sure it’ll get plenty of airplay here.

WTSX 96.7 FM
Robert Oefinger – Morning Show Host
Port Jervis, NY • USA

Good morning.  My name is Bob.O. I’m a morning show host at Fox 96.7 good time hits of the 60s and 70s.  I have been doing mornings here for 5 years and I have had many interviews with Dick Clark, Al Green, BB King, Tommy James, Gary Lewis.  I’m sure you get the idea.  I played the new single “THE END” you sent to us here in New York and I have never seen such a response to a recording.  I broke Dion’s new songs and had him here, but I say again, I have never seen a response like this, people loved it.  We invited the listeners to call in and vote on it and boy did they!  I played the radio edit and about 1 hour later played the full version by request.  Thanks for your time and looking forward to the album CD.

Tim Craddock – Program / Music Director
York, AL • USA

" We just received “The End” by John Krondes and the Jordanaires yesterday.  I played it this morning and asked my audience to let me know what they thought of it.  The response was instantaneous. . The phone started ringing and within 20 minutes 10 or 11 people called and all comments were 100% YES!  We like it.  Keep up the good work and keep more great music coming.  We’ll definitely add this one.”

WRGO 102.7 FM
Ric Craig – Program Director / DJ
Crystal River, FL • USA

"A Tip of the hat to the person who teamed John Krondes up with the Jordanaires!  Since I have received the CD “The End” and aired it, rarely a shift goes by without it being requested.  I have put it in regular rotation.  Imagine…an Oldies Station playing a new release!  The harmony is awesome!  Please consider us anytime in the future that you have such a GREAT sound!.”

KQUL “Cool 102.7” FM
Mike Clayton – Program Director
Kaiser, MO • USA

“Thanks to FSA Records for turning me on to this track “The End” from John Krondes.  The
 phones are great at COOL 102.7 and copies of the CD are often requested at remotes.”

Scott St. James – Radio Personality
St. Louis, MO • USA

“Just a note to tell you how much fun I had with John Krondes, Mike Leech and Paul Evans this past Monday morning.  They were on air for more than 30 very entertaining minutes which included the playing of the song, “The End”.

I’m a guy who was at the International in ’69 when Elvis made his live performing “Comeback”, and I was in Vegas to see him often right up until he died. 

“The End” should be one hell of a beginning for John and everyone associated with the TCB Team. 

I wish you all the best and I look forward to watching what I believe will be the next version of “A Star Is Born”!

KRKE “Real Oldies 1600”
Vince Guillen – Radio Personality
Albuquerque, NM • USA

“John, It was a pleasure chatting with you recently here at Real Oldies 1600.  We are a brand new radio station, and it was a boost to our presence in Albuquerque to have you visit us, thanks again.  We have had some terrific listener response to “The End” both here at Real Oldies and Krazy Kat Records.  We have also started some exposure for “Let It Be Me” and have had a favorable response to it.  We are anxiously awaiting the LP release, we previewed a couple of cuts from the LP, and I was very excited by the sound.  Good Luck with your promotions.”

East Coast FM / Dublin’s Country Mix 106.8
Joe Harrington – Program Director / Radio DJ
 Co Wicklow, Ireland

" I always knew the King never died and this CD, "The End…A New Beginning”, is the proof.

KANAL 1 - FM 100.6
Steinar Lyshaug - Radio DJ
 Oslo, Norway

   Our radio station Kanal 1, in Oslo, Norway was the first radio in Europe to broadcast the Elvis “Hit Making Team" project.  It was truly exciting to follow the project growing, with a lot of Elvis’ former musical members joining in as it went along. This CD is guaranteed to give you goose bumps when you listen and get that special feeling these members of Elvis’ old crew had when recording with the King. Elvis' music never died, but this project wakes up some of the songs he didn’t get around to do and brings them to life. And while doing so they also bring new life to newer material from the same hands, and they bring back that good Elvis feeling from recording with the King himself."

 WOCO 107.1 FM
Larry Kaszynski
Oconto, WI • USA

 After the death of Elvis Presley, who ever imagined that someone would be creative enough to take his hit making team of talent and record with them? John Krondes did and did it well.

Erik Hastings – Executive Producer
New York, NY • USA 

 Thank you very much for your touching musical piece “The End” by John Krondes.  During these troublesome times, it is comforting to know that patriotic musicians such as Mr. Krondes are using their talent in an effort to unify a terror-stricken nation.  We here at WABC will do our best to ensure that this piece is utilized for the appropriate purpose.  Thank you again for your contribution.  It is truly Inspirational.

KZEE RADIO “Alan’s Golden Oldies”
Alan Price – Radio Show Host
Weatherford, TX • USA 

I just wanted to express my appreciation to John Krondes for the great interview that he gave me on my “Alan’s Golden Oldies Radio Show”.  My listening audience loved the interview and the new songs “Let It Be Me” and “The End” that John has coming out.  It was my pleasure to be the first to play them on the air in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Please stay in touch and if there is anything I can do to help you get John’s songs out there, please give me a call.  •  Listen Live

WOR RADIO “Memory Lane”
Joe Franklin – Radio Show Host
New York, NY • USA

“The End” is one of the most beautiful songs of all time!  I was one of the main cats who broke this record for Earl Grant in 1959.  This new recording by John Krondes and the Jordanaires is really history in the making.  This new collaboration brings chills up my spine.  The phones are lighting up!  Keep this one spinning!!!”

Radio Cayman 89.9 FM / Breeze FM 105.3
Norma McField – Program Director 
 Cayman Islands, Brittish West Indies

The King would be proud!  Thank you John Krondes for your vision and fullfilling the dreams of Elvis Presley fans around the world.

KDSK 92.7 FM 
Donn Webb – Radio DJ
Grants, NM • USA 

Just a couple of lines on the new John Krondes CD...GREAT, SUPER.  Each time we play it on our Oldies But Goodies Show people respond in a positive manner.  John and the Hit Making Team have recorded an excellent number of songs.  Your radio station should contact FSA Records and get your copy today.