The Memphis Sound Is Back

The Arrangers

 George Andrews                                                    Tom "Bones" Malone                                                     Buddy Spicher   


"Hit Making Team" Recording Session - Westlake Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA
From Left: Gary Herbig, Paul Evans, George Andrews, John Krondes, Marty Harrell

"Hit Making Team" Recording Session - Quad Recording Studios, New York, NY
From Left: Bob Funk, Dale Turk, Tom "Bones" Malone, Larry Etkin, Paul Evans, John Krondes, Dave Trigg, Steve Guttman, Arno Hecht, Crispin Cioe


George Andrews is a Leader, an innovator, and one of the driving forces of the "Hit Making Team" music project.  It was George Andrews that led and guided the young John Krondes to the studio to record "The End".  Without George's musical wisdom, guidance, dedication, and inspiration, there would be no "Hit Making Team" CD.  John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team' thank you for your never ending vision and determination to GET THE CD FINISHED!

George Andrews, no stranger to the music business has worked with supertalents such as Vicki-Sue Robinson, The Bay City Rollers, Evelyn Champagne King, and many others.


Tom was contracted as one of the Trombone section players on the recording of "The End" at the Hit Factory in New York City.  Without question, Tom Malone is a Super Talent,  a great friend and a man with a big heart.  It was Tom Malone, who took interest in the music project from its inception.  Following the completion of the horn section recording of "The End", tom fatefully introduced John Krondes to Paul Evans, one of the original Hit Composers for Elvis Presley.  Tom "Malone" never stopped giving and helping.  Tom could see the vision, the importance and need for this mission to "Keep The Music Allive".  Tom Malone untireingly continued to bring new talent to the "Hit Making Team".  John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team" are greatful to Tom malone for his talent, guidance and contributions to the "Hit Making Team".

Tom "Bones" Malone is most notably famous for being part of the Blues Brother's Band, and a member of the CBS Orchestra, which is the house band for the Late Show with David Letterman.  One of the recording industry's finest musicians, Tom Malone has played on more than 350 records and in over 3,000 Radio and TV commercials.


Buddy Spicher is an American Fiddle player, arranger and a Nashville based studio musician.  Spicher has played as a session player with the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Charley Pride, Statler Brothers, Hank Snow, Pam Tillis, Joan Baez, Dan Fogelberg, Henry Mancini, Linda Ronstadt, Merle Haggard, George Strait, and Hank Williams Jr. to name a few.

Buddy was contracted to arrange the strings on "Let It Be Me" for the "Hit Team" CD.  Buddy Spicher is an Original Elvis Presley Musician and Arranger.  Spicher played on the "Elvis Today" album and "Elvis Now".

John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team" thank Buddy Spicher for his gorgeous arrangement on "Let It Be Me" and look forward to more of your great work on upcoming recording sessions.


Producer Jimmy "Wiz" Wizner, Ray Bardani, Arranger George Andrews