The Memphis Sound Is Back

After 32 Years...
 The Silence Is Broken!
The Presley "Hit Team" Makes Historical Return and the Music Lives On




The King's "Hit Team" Brings Back The Music, 
Shocks The World And Moves Mountains

Elvis Presley's Original Music Entourage Together On One CD For The First Time Ever

  The Former Original Stamps                   The Imperials                             The Sweet Inspirations                        The Jordanaires


Los Angeles / New York - (FSA News):  Amazingly, the music returns...In a breathe of New Life, the unmistaken Memphis Sound is back in full force.  For the first time since the death of Elvis Presley in 1977, the King's entire "Hit Making Team" has returned to the recording studio with the singer/songwriter John Krondes to make new music and keep the dream alive.

Thirty-Two years after the death of the King, fate has brought virtually the entire Elvis "Hit Making Team" back to the studio.  Beginning with the beautiful new recording of THE END by John Krondes and the Jordanaires, the unimaginable wish has turned reality.  The eerily familiar harmonious sound of John Krondes and the Jordanaires began to peak and trigger the interest of Presley Band Members and Singers, Radio Stations and Fans alike.  Steadily, as news of this new powerful music collaboration travelled through the Elvis World, more and more of the original "Hit Team" members began to surface and heed fate's call to return to the recording studio.

Ten Years in the making, and recorded in studios all across America; dedication, determination, inspiration from fans and the love for Elvis has fueled the fire for the "Hit Making Team" to keep moving toward the goal of bringing the Memphis Rock Sound back to deserving loyal fans.  Now a dream has become a "New Beginning" for the King and the re-creation of the successful musical operation that Elvis Presley had built and spearheaded for over Twenty Years.  John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team" proudly dedicate this new epic CD THE END A New Beginning to the memory of the King and the fans that have been left with a dispiriting soundlessness since 1977.

Joe Esposito, who was the Best Man at Elvis Presley's wedding and his Road Manager for 18 Years until the King's death, has taken the helm as Chairman and leader of the Elvis "Hit Making Team".  Esposito thanking the fans and media around the world, has said that the "Hit Making Team" project breathes new life for Elvis; and the completion of this momentous new CD, the second chance for the music to play on for Elvis.  Joe Esposito was at Elvis' side in Germany as he serenaded Priscilla Beaulieu on the piano on the night they met with the timeless standard, THE END, and full circle he's watched as THE END now brings New Life and a New Start for Elvis in music.

The powerful re-united "Hit Making Team" brings Elvis a second chance to let the music play on.  Featured in the new recordings are all of Presley's vocal groups: the Jordanaires, the former original Stamps Quartet, Imperials, and Sweet Inspirations.  Both of the King's Bands rock the house for the comeback; included are the TCB Band and the "Memphis Boys" - the American Studios Band.  Elvis Presley's first drummer DJ Fontana, and star drummers Ronnie Tutt, Gene Chrisman, Steve Gadd and Anton Fig keep the beat for the "Hit Team".  This heart-Stirring project also includes scores of super talent who accompanied the King; Millie Kirkham, Shane Keister, Bobby Ogdin, Gary Herbig, Lanny Morgan, Elvis Presley's original Horn Section, Arrangers, Elvis composers Paul Evans, Paul Parnes, Al Byron, Jimmy Krondes, Randy Starr, and many others.

John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team" salute the King and dedicate this epic CD as a fresh start and New Beginning for the music.  Spectacularly friends, the melodious Memphis Sound is Back, the spirit has risen, and the music will never die.

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          Original Elvis Horn Section                                                  John Krondes & Joe Esposito                                Reggie Young, John Krondes, Ronnie Tutt 

From left: George Klein, Ray Walker, John Krondes, DJ Fontana, Darlene Tompkins

John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team"
"Keeping The Music Alive"