The Memphis Sound Is Back

Elvis Composers

The Elvis "Hit Making Team" project, as it has rapidly grown to be today, remarkably includes several of the original Elvis Composers, that wrote the Hits that Elvis Presley sang and recorded.  With the momentum, curiosity and interest building over the new "Hit Making Team" recordings; writers, publishers, and other VIPs in the Elvis World began to appear and contribute works, make further introductions, write new music, and showcase songs that were earmarked by Elvis that were never recorded.  The Buzz and wonderment over the perplexing "Hit Making Team" news and developments, mysteriously continued to create a magnetical force that attracted some of the entertainment industry's most creative and noted talents.

Written by: Jimmy Krondes and Sid Jacobson

"The End" was one of Elvis Presley's special songs.  People Magazine reported it was this very same song
 along with "Are You Lonesome Tonight" that Elvis serenaded Priscilla Beaulieu with on the piano in Germany
on the night they met.  The worldwide standard "The End", first recorded by Earl Grant in 1959, was written
 by John Krondes' late father Jimmy Krondes and Sid Jacobson and continues to be
 one of the classic hits of all time. 

Earl Grant

Through a chance meeting with the Jordanaires in Las Vegas, the beautiful new recording of "The End" by
 John Krondes and the Jordanaires created a powerful music making relationship that has mushroomed
 to now include virtually all of Elvis Presley's original music entourage.



The successful songwriting collaboration of Paul Evans and Paul Parnes resulted in the hit
 compostion "The Next Step Is Love", which was recorded by Elvis Presley on June 7, 1970
 at the RCA Studio B in Nashville.

"The Next Step Is Love" was one of the eight tracks included in the Presley album
 Elvis: That's The Way It Is, produced by Felton Jarvis, released by RCA Records
 on November 11, 1970.  The album accompanied the theatrical documentary by
the same name, which featured the song "The Next Step Is Love" in rehearsal. 
EHMT Chairman, Joe Esposito is shown in the beginning of the rehearsal clip.

The Evans-Parnes partnership contributed two songs for the new "Hit Team" CD THE END
A New Beginning
that were held by Elvis Presley to record.  "Tender Moments" and
"You Only Hear What You Want To Hear", written by Paul Evans and Paul Parnes, 
were both earmarked by Elvis, and astonishingly have been recorded for the very first time
32 Years after Presley's death by John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team".

Paul Evans was no stranger to Elvis Prelsey.  Significantly, The King recorded four of the Evans
compositions in his powerful career; "I Gotta Know", "The Next Step Is Love", "Something Blue"
 and "Blue River".

Remarkably, Paul Evans successfully collaborated with award winning songwriter Jimmy Krondes
(John Krondes' Father), and ironically, the Krondes-Evans writing team had also caught the ear of
Elvis Presley, with songs such as "If Their Were No Moon", and "Summer Souvenirs",now recorded
in the new CD THE END A New Beginning for the very first time.

In cause of further wonderment, through introduction by Tom "Bones" Malone, the younger John Krondes
is now collaborating and churning out scores of new compositions with both Paul Evans and Paul Parnes.

Click Player To Hear Paul Evans' Oringial Demo Elvis Heard Of "The Next Step Is Love"


"You Only Hear What You Want To Hear"

Krondes / Evans

Listen to Elvis Presley's American Studios Band "The Memphis Boys",
 DJ Fontana On Drums, the Jordanaires and Imperials backing John Krondes,
along with Elvis Presley's original Horn Section in this new "Hit Team" recording
 of "You Only Hear What You Want To Hear".  Written by Paul Evans and Paul Parnes,
 this song was held by Elvis, but amongst the great follow up hits that never had a chance
to be recorded.



Randy Starr is a successful songwriter, particularly noted for the music and lyrics he wrote for Elvis Presley. 

Randy Starr had twelve (12) songs recorded by Elvis Presley. Starr wrote Hits such as "Kissin Cousins", "Almost In
Love", "Yellow Rose of Texas", "The Girl I Never Loved", "Datin'" amongst many others. Randy Starr like his counterparts
had songs held by Elvis that may be recorded for the first time with John Krondes and the Jordanaires with the Elvis
 "Hit Making Team".

Randy Starr, John Krondes, Paul Evans


Paul Evans with Organist Kenny Ascher

Elvis Composer Paul Evans Listens To The Music